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1 Introduction - Reference Documentation

Authors: Antony Jones, Peter Ledbrook

Version: 2.2.1

1 Introduction

The Grails Oauth plugin enables you to consume services from third-party providers which are protected by oauth based security, in your own applications.

About the plugin

  • Author:
    • Antony Jones, Desirable Objects Ltd
  • Contributors:
    • Anthony Campbell
    • Peter Ledbrook, VMWare Inc
    • Burt Beckwith
    • Richard Spence
    • Aleksey Leshko
    • Benjamin Garrett
  • Thanks:
    • Pablo Fernandez, Globant
    • Damien Hou, Google Inc

Further Reading

This plugin makes heavy use of the OAuth Scribe library, by Pablo Fernandez. Please refer to scribe's documentation for detailed information on creating your own custom provider implementation.


This plugin is released under the ASL (Apache Standard License), however should this not suit your needs, please get in touch.